Saturday, 31 October 2015

Ironworks Distillery Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

This is Nova Scotia's first micro-distillery, in the heart of Old Lunenburg. Lunenberg is a world heritage UNESCO site on the scenic south shore of Nova Scotia.  We rolled in after a stormy day to magnificent sunshine and walked the streets looking into the shops.  Really beautiful.  Then we came across the Ironworks distillery.  It is an artisan distillery located in the historic port town that gets it's name from a marine blacksmith shop that was in the building previous. Lunenberg has a lot of boat builders and ship building facilities as well as a tourist destination.  They use only natural ingredients and offer complimentary tastings.  We were pleasantly surprised how smooth their spirits tasted.  They have also won awards for brandy and rum. Check it out next time your in Nova Scotia.
Pear Brandy




Monday, 12 October 2015

Sous Vide Thermomix Egg

The Thermomix is ideal for making a sous vide egg.  It is much easier to use than the actual sous vide machine as it always sits on my counter.   I added almost 2 litres of water and for 8 minutes/100C/speed 2 brought the temperature up to 60C.  Then I put 6 small eggs in the simmering basket and closed the Thermomix for 60 minutes/60C/speed 2. (actually half the time I had them at 50C because they were small eggs) Then you crack them gently and place them where you want them. In this case it was on top of chestnut/semolina flour pasta with a chestnut portobello sauce. The pasta and sauce was made in the Thermomix too!